Some Aspects of Risk Management in the Construction Enterprise


  • Velina Yordanova University of Economics – Varna


Construction enterprise, management, risk


In this paper the author discusses some basic aspects of risk management in the construction enterprise. An attempt is made to clarify the essence of the concept of risk by considering definitions given by different authors and on this basis the author gives his own definition of the concept of risk from the point of view of the construction company. In addition, the issue of the relationship between risk and uncertainty is also addressed. The author also examines the essence of risk management, indicating key points such as the purpose, principles, rules and stages of management. The article also addresses the issue related to risk analysis and assessment. The main objectives of the risk analysis shall be indicated. The essence of qualitative and quantitative analysis is clarified. With regard to quantitative risk analysis, different methods for its realization are considered. It is affected and is one of the main problems in risk analysis, namely to determine the indicators of uncertainty and risk in the conditions of insufficient volume (deficit) of the initial information.







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Yordanova, V. (2024). Some Aspects of Risk Management in the Construction Enterprise. Construction Entrepreneurship and Real Property, 1(1), 107-120.