Business Evaluation: Information and Analytical Base


  • Lyudmila Mihaylova University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”
  • Emil Papazov University of National and World Economy


Business, valuation, business valuation


Business evaluation is the process of analyzing all aspects of a business to ascertain its overall value or the value of its individual components. Conducting a business assessment involves thorough analysis of various aspects such as technical, technological, and economic conditions using detailed data obtained from reliable sources.
This paper aims to present underrepresented aspects of business valuation theory and practice, drawing from observations in valuation theory. It is necessary to examine contemporary elements of business assessment and its data foundation in this context. Business valuation incorporates analytical methods. The paper includes guidelines for analyzing the prepared assessment and suggests potential applications of models and techniques in enterprise strategic management.
The paper utilizes research, analysis of information sources, and practical examples from Bulgaria. This study focuses on theoretical questions concerning practice and is practical in nature.






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Mihaylova, L., & Papazov, E. (2024). Business Evaluation: Information and Analytical Base. Construction Entrepreneurship and Real Property, 1(1), 53-64.